Neutrals again with a pop of color! Although its Spring in SF, on this particular day it could not feel more like Winter! Enter this off-white blazer to keep me warm. I love this H&M dress, and paired with the blazer, its perfect for a work day look. 

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Cool Girl

I can admit it – I felt like a cool girl wearing this outfit. I love simplicity of the white blouse, black skirt, and cooler-than-cool leopard loafers. And speaking of cooler-than-cool, Nahal and I did this shoot on her rooftop deck, and it was awful. We were once step away from being bagged and labeled as popsicles of the haute variety.

I’ve been on a quest for a white blouse for some time (and by some time, I mean like 3 years). I have some silky white blouses, but I wanted a classic cotton or linen one. I found this one at Topshop recently and I love it. The fit is great, and I don’t have to wear a tank under it to hide my bra. That was a main selling point; I don’t understand why blouses are always see through. How are we supposed to wear those to work?  It’s so annoying.

So I also wanted to call your attention to this J. Crew clutch I’m using—I got it off of Thredup (c/o), an online consignment retailer. They have great secondhand clothes, accessories, and shoes, and they have lots of kids clothing too! The price is right, as is the sustainability aspect. I’m actually multi-tasking right now and ordering a clean out kit right now to send in some of my clothes and bags for consignment. I always have aspirations of becoming an ebay sensation or aiming much lower, to actually walk to a consignment store to pawn my wares, but I’m thinking dumping them in a bag and having someone else market them for me is right up my alley!

Hope you’re all doing well!

Stay cool,


Seersucker & Quilted Purses

It's finally Thursday night (aka Friday Eve), and I'm anxiously awaiting the weekend. With the exception of a highly anticipated trip to the De Young museum to check out the Oscar de la Renta exhibit, it is one of those rare weekends that aren't jam packed with plans, and I couldn't be happier. After a long work week, a slow and relaxing weekend is exactly what the Doctor ordered (and maybe a glass or two of wine).

Speaking of indulgences, which sometimes consist of sour candy and certain Bravo TV shows, quilted purses are definitely high up on the list. Luckily, I received this black Tory Burch number for my birthday this year, and it's been in heavy rotation ever since. 

These J. Crew seersucker pants are also making a frequent appearance not that it is officially Spring, and I love pairing them with feminine blouses, like this white floral H&M top. 

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Happy Friday Eve!

In Full Bloom

I bought this jumpsuit about a year ago when I was pregnant, but it still fits me alright. I absolutely love it, and it's one of the few jumpsuits I've ever found that actually works ok for my body type. I hate having it just collect dust in my closet, so I've been trying to think of ways to re-purpose it so I can get some use out of it (despite SF weather and despite the fact that I don't have a very packed social calendar). On a whim the other morning, I threw it on with my new vest and loved the way it looked together. I used to spend hours upon hours trying on different outfits at home, but between my schedule with 2 kids and the fact that Parker goes to sleep in our room about 7:30 every night, I don't really have even have a full 5 minutes to put something together. So when something works, I just roll with it. 

Incidentally, in my haste to get dressed, I forgot to put on underwear--no, I'm not making this up. No big deal really, except for when my zipper got stuck in the ladies' room at work and I had to have two, yes TWO of my colleagues work on zipping it up. With my bare butt partially exposed. Keep it classy, Lisa. Luckily said colleagues are  friends, too, and were good sports about the whole ordeal. 

My mother-in-law brought me this Gas Bijoux necklace straight from Paris, and it's been on heavy rotation since she gave it to me. To say that I now want everything in the collection would not be an overstatement. WARNING: DANGER. 

Thanks for reading and as always, see below for links to products. This exact H & M vest can be found here, and the jumpsuit is long sold out, but I went a little crazy linking to some great alternatives. 

Hoppy/Happy Easter!