Something Blue


We zipped down to Pismo Beach for our last wedding of the season, and I donned my new Sandro dress. Deep blue with organza cutouts, it was style meets comfort and just perfect for the occasion. I had purchased it a few months ago, and it's now a whopping 50% off on the Sandro site! Sandro lovers, rejoice! I couldn't link the dress in the images below, but you can find it here.

A word of advice when attending a barn wedding (or any outdoor wedding in general): opt for wedges or a thicker heel, unless you want to be stumbling over gravel the entire evening, with the inevitable trip the shoe repair shop the next day (so I've been told).

Now that we're on the topic of weddings, if you hadn't already caught on, this is also my first official post wearing a certain new accessory on my left hand (hint, hint). Although I've been knee deep in (at times stressful) wedding planning already the past month, I couldn't be more thrilled to be starting this new chapter and sharing it with someone truly spectacular (Eddie, you're famous). Ok, I've reached my public display of emotion quota for this month.

Readers, would love to hear your top wedding planning words of wisdom!