Dermaplus Product Reviews


My skin has been through many stages, from normal to combination to sensitive, and I've had to adjust my skincare routine accordingly. Lately, my skin has been very sensitive and prone to breakouts around my jawline, so I've been looking for products that are both soothing and clarifying at the same time. 

Enter Dermaplus. Dermaplus is my favorite spa in SF for many reasons: their talented and friendly staff, clean and peaceful facilities, and their unique facials and skincare products. I have been using their Chamomile Cleanser, Salicylic Toner, and signature Moisturizer that my facialist Lizzy (she's fantastic!) recommended for a few weeks now and below are my product reviews. Enjoy!

P.S. Nancy, who performs laser treatments is also AMAZING!!

Dermaplus Chamomile Cleanser: This cleanser is so mild and removed my makeup without making my skin too dry. It starts off a bit creamy then emulsifies into a foam and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Ingredients include chamomile and green tea, so perfect for my sensitive skin! Would definitely purchase this cleaner again.

Dermaplus Salicylic Toner: It just so happened that I was breaking out along my chin and jawline when I started using the DP Salicylic Toner, so this was a true test of the toner's power. I started using the toner twice a day after cleansing with the DP Chamomile Cleaner, and within a few days of using the toner, my breakouts were visibly reduced. Any product that banishes blemishes is a friend of mine! 

Dermaplus Moisturizer: Ok, so saving the best for last, now on to the winner of the bunch. This moisturizer is like whipped velvet and smells like floral and citrus. My skin literally absorbs it like a sponge, and it doesn't leave me feeling greasy. Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties were very nourishing for my sensitive skin. A++ for this product!!


As a mom, especially one with a new baby, skin care is critical (as is concealer, ha!) but challenging. My skin is dry despite that fact that I hydrate like someone who was recently stranded in a desert without water. Lack of sleep and fresh air can be brutal on one's complexion, and lack of time can make it difficult to remedy this with products. So at this point, my top skincare product criteria are as follows: maximum effectiveness and minimal time necessary to achieve that effectiveness. Also critical is that the products I use are low or void of chemicals while I'm breastfeeding (and beyond). So when Dermaplus sent me these all-natural products, I was really excited. I've been using the products for several weeks now, and I'm a total convert. As someone in my late 30s, I've done a lot of trial and error with different products and for the most part, I've got it narrowed down and rarely try new things. It's a rabbit hole I don't want to go's so easy to get sucked into branding and marketing and eschew your old products for new, which can be a very expensive habit. 

Dermaplus Eye Cream: I love this stuff. Of the two products I tried, this is far and away the big winner. Why? Because though I mentioned above that I'm basically a creature of habit when it comes to beauty products, the one thing I've still been on the market for is an excellent eye cream. What I love about this eye cream is that it's thick and luscious without being greasy, and the potent Vitamin K component has decreased my lack-of-sleep puffiness. I have extremely dry skin around my eyes, and this uber-moisturizing cream feels amazing the second I apply it. It also absorbs thoroughly so it doesn't cause my makeup to congeal under my eyes. This is typically a huge problem I find with eye creams--I usually spend the first hour after I apply makeup constantly wiping under my eyes with my fingers to smooth out my concealer. I'm a convert! 

Recovery Gel Mask: I love this product too! I will be the first to admit that I have never been diligent about using face masks. I generally speaking do a mask a handful of times a year. It's partially laziness and partially a time issue. This mask, however, takes about 5 minutes, and it doesn't turn my skin any funky colors that would scare my kids! It's quicky and easy to apply with your fingertips, and after a few minutes on the skin, a wet washcloth removes the excess. My skin feels so refreshed after using it. It's created a noticeable difference with my skin: the amino acids designed to heal and plump the skin have been working! I swear my cheeks look smoother and more radiant. #winning