I love this post because it combines a few of my favorite things: San Francisco uniqueness, great street art, a cozy wool wrap, and bell bottomed-sleeves and pants! I've had this wrap for a couple of years, and I love to wear it with different layers underneath. It's really versatile. It looked great when I was pregnant, and it looks great with dresses, skirts, leather pants, normal pants, you name it. I hesitated when buying it because I wasn't sure how much use I'd get out of it. Flash forward a few years, and it was definitely a worthwhile purchase! 

Last week, Nahal took an afternoon off and my wonderful mother-in-law watched Parker so we could catch up on some blog stuff. We have something big in the works...we'll announce soon. Just fulfilling a decade-long dream, NBD. Anyhow, we met in the Mission to shoot in this amazing alleyway (Clarion Alley). I think a lot of tourists miss out on this part of San Francisco because it doesn't have the fame of the Golden Gate Bridge or other sites, but to me, these art-filled alleys are an integral part of what makes San Francisco such a beautiful and cool city. 

Until next time! xoxo