Day & Night (uh uh)

Kid Cudi, anyone? NO?

I wanted to put together a day-to-night look for this maternity outfit. All it took was switching up my bags, shoes, and jackets--EASY! It really is amazing how a nice pair of heels and a classic blazer can transform a look. Being able to rummage through a good friend's closet to grab shoes & accessories didn't hurt, either! I'm telling you, it's so wonderful to have friends who have amazing taste and who conveniently wear the same shoe size as you do! Both of the shoes featured in this post were borrowed, as well as the HOT RED Gucci bag, which just serves to make my lips pop! Viola!

The "night shoes" are Isabel Marant for H & M, which are sadly no longer available, so I wasn't able to add a link below (although I did link to a seriously amazing pair of black and similar heels). Something to cheer you up, however: the leopard flats are on a HUGE sale right now!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend so far! I got a 5:30 am wakeup call from the cutest curly-headed alarm clock around, so I figured I may as well get up and finish this blog post. I see a nap in my future...