So Studly

So I've entered the wear-heels-only-when-absolutely-necessary phase of my pregnancy. I swear, as soon as I bragged about rocking heels at 6 months pregnant, I suddenly could no longer wear heels. I can only pull them off for an hour or so at a time, which is just long enough for a photo shoot or to wear to and from dinner. I know what you're thinking, I can sense you rolling your eyes...but I'm a heel girl through and through, and as vain as it is, I just cannot give them up entirely. Feel free to judge! :) Being relegated to wearing flats doesn't have to be all bad though. See exhibit A below. 

Exhibit A

This particular day, I was in a huge rush to get dressed, as I had spent the majority of my morning toddler-wrangling. Contrary to popular belief, I typically spend about 3 times as much time getting Sylvie dressed as I do getting myself dressed. True story. So in my haste I accidentally put this dress on backwards, which actually worked quite well. The front is ruched and for some reason looked odd on my bump the last time I tried it on. The jacket was added for a little warmth, given that it's nearly summer in San Francisco, which means the weather is miserable and cold. Everything I'm wearing in this post is old, save the main attraction (shoes) but I've put links to similar items below, including a few ruched dresses. I love ruching. Pregnant or no, it's flattering and flexible. 

What are your favorite flats? I'm in the market, so recommendations are welcome! 

I had to throw this in...having way too much fun with Raina from

I had to throw this in...having way too much fun with Raina from

As always, thanks for reading and have a super weekend! xoxoxo