The Best Maternity Dress (& A Night in Vegas)

Aaron and I took a trip to Vegas a couple weeks ago with the intent of lounging at the pool and eating fine Vegas cuisine. The weather was unbelievably uncooperative, so the only time we spent poolside was about 45 minutes, during a rather windy and not terribly warm afternoon, at which time I wrapped myself in a towel and immediately passed out (third trimester napping--it's the best!). 

We did enjoy amazing meals and lovely kid-free time, courtesy of my wonderful mother, who flew in from CO to watch Sylvie while we were gone. We saw Michael Jackson: One (the Cirque du Soleil show) and watched the equally enjoyable new Avengers movie. We walked miles each day, which hopefully counteracted all of the aforementioned eating!

I found this dress at Nordstom Rack for under $30. Unfortunately, I can't find it online (it's WAYF brand), but I did link to some similar items, including one from Lulu's for $44! It's not a maternity dress, and it's just the proof in the pudding that you don't need to spend a fortune on maternity clothes when you're pregnant. Anything with a fair amount of stretch works well!

Also, please forgive the fact that I'm wearing the exact same necklace, shoes, and purse from my last post! I didn't think about that when I was packing for Vegas. Anyway it gave me an excuse to link to some more fabulous blue sandals below! 

I hope you all had a nice weekend & thanks for all the love and support!