West Coast Mama

I haven't always been a West Coast girl, but ever since I packed up my belongings, rented a U-Haul, and landed in California, it's felt like home. Which, to some, may not seem like that big of a revelation. But for a girl who grew up an Air Force BRAT, lived too many places to list, and moved from city to city, country to country, putting down roots was really monumental. Sometimes I can't even believe I've been here for a decade. But I guess that's what happens when you finally find a place that feels like home. 

Ok enough of the sappy stuff. Let's get to the good stuff. How amazing is this tee that I received courtesy of Oh Baby Chic? It's so comfy and it's flexible enough that I'll be able to wear it post-pregnancy. They have a whole line of maternity & mama gear--check it out!

Also, I would like to do a boss brag. "What is that?" you may ask. Well, let me fill you in. My super chic boss came into the office wearing these heels one day, and I couldn't stop obsessing over them. She (being the awesomesauce lady that she is) offered to head back to TJ Maxx to see if they had them in my size. And viola! Now I'm the proud owner of these gorgeous and very reasonably priced Via Spiga beauts. I couldn't find them anywhere online; believe me, I tried! So I put a few similar alternatives below, and I'm pretty sure they still have them in stock at TJ Maxx.

Thanks for reading and have a super weekend!