Nahal threw me the cutest baby shower/sprinkle a few weeks ago. It was a small and intimate affair: just a few close friends, delicious food, and lots of "oohing" and "ahhhing" over cute baby gear! 

It's admittedly taken me a while to get this post up--it's been a crazy month or so. I'm finally recovered from a terrible cold that lasted a month and my 3-year-old is sleeping again...which means I'm able to stay up past 8:30pm to blog. It feels so good to be back on my feet again! I'm exactly 3 weeks away from baby boy's due date, so we'll see how long this respite lasts. 

And, a quick note on Nahal: OF COURSE she wore baby blue to host my baby boy's shower. How can I not love this girl?  

This candid photo of Nahal was just way too cute not to share! 

This candid photo of Nahal was just way too cute not to share! 

We both were wearing old dresses: Nahal was in an Opening Ceremony number, and I was, wait for it, wearing a dress from J Lo's Kohl's collection that I bought during my first pregnancy. How hilarious is that? But I think it's a great non-maternity maternity dress (again with the ruching). I've linked to some great leopard print and blue dresses below, all of which I want immediately! I think it's because I'm just a few weeks away from fitting into normal clothes, and my eyes are bigger than my wallet, so to speak.