Straight-Legged and Floral

This is my second look shot with Bradley Wittke of Pacifica Gallery, and we shot on a particularly foggy day near Land's End trail, which gave this shoot a mystical feel. It was also a very special shoot because Lisa and I were able to take a rare photo together (shown below). I'm so lucky to have such a supportive blog partner who makes this (sometimes challenging) journey that much more fun.

As most of you may know, Lisa and I both have full-time jobs aside from Haute Ashbury in the financial services industry, so I'm always looking for appropriate yet trendy outfits to wear to work. Bonus points if each piece can also be worn outside a professional setting. I wish I was one of those people who can hop out of bed at 5am and head to the gym, but I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. I'll take all the sleep I can get.

As a result, over the years I've found that putting my outfit together the night before allows me to me more creative with my wardrobe and also saves time in the morning. If I don't think through my outfit the night before, my instinctual choice in the morning is always cozy sweaters and stretchy pants, which let's be honest are amazing but don't always make for the most fashionable look. When I'm excited about what I'm wearing, I can exude confidence throughout the day, which in turn translates to my work.

Most of this look is H&M (some currently on sale!), and I've linked similar pieces below. You can find the blouse here, pants here, and jacket here.

Until next time!