Winter, Owl Be Alright

Oh, January. You just kind of suck. You are the hangover of the holidays. You are cold, wet, and gray. It's back to work in January. Back to the daily grind of meetings and deadlines. At least that's what the January Haters say. But you know what? To me, January is just fine. January is a fresh start, a time to slow down and reflect, and a time to bundle up in my new winter coat. Doesn't sound too shabby!

In the spirit of appreciating the colder months, enter this look. I always feel guilty complaining when it's "cold" in San Francisco, especially to my East Coast friends. True, we've been having unusually cold days here in the Bay Area, but I'm seriously loving the cold and rainy days. For the first time a while, it's been cold enough to break out my gloves and hats on a daily basis. 

This particular day was no exception to the SF cold, and I had recently found this gem of a coat at Zara. The fur collar is removable, but...just...why? First off, its the definition of cozy, and second, just look at how lush and glamorous it is! 

I've linked similar coats below, but you're in luck because it is now 50% off on the Zara website! Yes, please.