On The Edge

It's 10:40 on a Friday night as I'm writing this, which, for a parent, has all kinds of implications. To cut to the chase, basically I'm blogging right now to retain my sanity. I didn't get both kids to sleep until 10, which means that I'd spent a significant portion of my evening trying desperately to get them to go to bed. I decided I was going to sit and write instead of mope myself to sleep right away! I don't really miss being out on a Friday night, but I do wish I could at least put my feet up and have a little "me" time. Hardee har har. #parenting. 

Fast forward to Sunday night, and I've actually had a pretty great weekend. I got to hang with some mom friends and our kids, which always leaves me feeling good (serotonin boost). I also got to go on a date with my husband, which included eating Middle Eastern food and seeing a comedy show. #iwaswhiningovernothing

Onto this outfit: I have basically been living in these H&M pants since I ordered them online. The sweater and shoes are old, but I've linked similar styles below (and these exact shoes in burgundy). Here's a link to the bracelets, which are $5 and I wear them all the time!They fit so well and they go with everything! The dress I scored off of Urban Outfitters on Black Friday, but it's sold out now. I'm not convinced it's terribly flattering, but I love it anyway.

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Blog to you soon!