For the Love of Layers

You know when it's freezing outside and you can't wait to go indoors, then when you walk inside it's so warm that you start taking off all your clothes?...No?...Just me? Alright, well if you live in San Francisco, you can appreciate the benefits of layering, especially with a versatile and stylish sweater like this one.

I don't know about you guys, but when I'm sitting at my desk (usually sneezing up a storm from my unrelenting battle with perennial allergies), I like to feel as comfortable as possible. This cozy cardigan brings the comfort and is so soft and warm that it will make you feel like you're wearing a blanket all day. Who needs a Snuggie when you have this sweater?

This shift dress is short sleeved and perfect to transition the look from day to night and offers relief when you finally make it into a heated room.

Side note on the cardigan: it's linked below and over 70% off right now, so hop to it!