Classic Closet

One of the many reasons why personal style is so powerful is the sense of confidence you can gain from wearing something flattering, comfortable, and stylish at the same time. A great outfit can help me get through the most challenging of workdays with a sunnier disposition, and this day was no exception. 

All of these pieces have been part of my wardrobe for quite a while, but I recently resurrected this cream colored jacket and wore it with this look. You know those pieces that you can't bring yourself to give away because you might "one day" want to wear it again? Most of the time those items just take up space in my already tiny closet, but this jacket ended up being worth keeping.

As a style blogger/recovering shop-a-holic, it is tough to suppress the urge to always be buying something new. When you're creative with your wardrobe, however, it's a great reminder that you don't need to participate in our consumer culture to look and feel great.

Although I do love experimenting with the latest trends, there's something to be said about sticking with classic prints (I consider leopard print a neutral) and staples, and pairing them with something unexpected (like these red sunnies!).

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