Blossoming Maternity Maxi

Happy hump (& bump) day! I'm so excited to be writing this post..this may be my favorite look yet since launching Haute Ashbury. As most preggos can attest, some days pregnancy brings out the best in us; other days holing up in a cave feels like the only viable option to make it through one's day. This dress (courtesy of makes me feel absolutely regal, which at 38.5 weeks is quite a feat. It's the first of 3 looks I'll be posting featuring their amazing maternity wear. In addition to being gorgeous and comfortable, most of their pieces are also completely wearable post-pregnancy (or really for anyone, any time). 

On a personal note, the countdown is ON. Baby Schur is as active as can be, but thankfully I haven't seen any signs of labor just yet. I'm officially on Maternity Leave, which has been really amazing thus far. It's so nice to have time to focus on resting and prepping for baby. 

As always, thanks for reading and I keep an eye out for my next couple PinkBlush Maternity looks! 


Don't forget to head over to to view their fantastic maternity & non-maternity lines! Also, I've linked to my shoes and accessories below. The bag and headband are both H & M, though I couldn't find a link to the bag (it was $10!). 


Nahal threw me the cutest baby shower/sprinkle a few weeks ago. It was a small and intimate affair: just a few close friends, delicious food, and lots of "oohing" and "ahhhing" over cute baby gear! 

It's admittedly taken me a while to get this post up--it's been a crazy month or so. I'm finally recovered from a terrible cold that lasted a month and my 3-year-old is sleeping again...which means I'm able to stay up past 8:30pm to blog. It feels so good to be back on my feet again! I'm exactly 3 weeks away from baby boy's due date, so we'll see how long this respite lasts. 

And, a quick note on Nahal: OF COURSE she wore baby blue to host my baby boy's shower. How can I not love this girl?  

This candid photo of Nahal was just way too cute not to share! 

This candid photo of Nahal was just way too cute not to share! 

We both were wearing old dresses: Nahal was in an Opening Ceremony number, and I was, wait for it, wearing a dress from J Lo's Kohl's collection that I bought during my first pregnancy. How hilarious is that? But I think it's a great non-maternity maternity dress (again with the ruching). I've linked to some great leopard print and blue dresses below, all of which I want immediately! I think it's because I'm just a few weeks away from fitting into normal clothes, and my eyes are bigger than my wallet, so to speak. 

Urban Garden

Nahal and I took these shots in the Yerba Buena Gardens behind the Metreon on our way to a party hosted by Rocksbox. We're usually so constrained on time for our photo shoots that we aren't able to seek out beautiful spots like this. It was so nice to be out of the chaos of the city and to be in the greenery. Except for the guy that walked by our bags and seemed a little too about them for our comfort...I guess you can't completely escape the craziness.

Anyhow, as I mentioned, we were on our way to a Rocksbox party. Have you guys heard of it? It's this amazing jewelry company that sends you 3 pieces at a time, and you can either keep them until you're ready for something new, or you can use your allotted monthly credit toward purchasing any or all of the pieces. They have great inventory, and you can create a wish list for the items you want. It's $19 a month, and Nahal and I can offer you a free month if you use our code: hauteashburyxoxo. I've been a customer for 3 or 4 months, and I absolutely love it!

As I'm approaching the end of my pregnancy, I'm finding it harder and harder to get dressed every day. I can't tell if it's because I'm more limited in what I can wear, or if it's because regardless of what I wear, I'd much rather be in yoga pants and a tank top. I certainly haven't had the time or energy to shop lately. Putting something chic together for this party was a chore, let me tell you! Everything I'm wearing is old, including the shoes that I've now owned for a decade, but I put links to similar items below. The blazers below come in fuchsia as well, though they're displaying in light pink below. I am a bit addicted to blazers lately...maybe because all of my sweaters make me look frumpy and none of my jackets fit!

As always, thanks for reading!

My House of Harlowe necklace from Rocksbox

My House of Harlowe necklace from Rocksbox

The Best Maternity Dress (& A Night in Vegas)

Aaron and I took a trip to Vegas a couple weeks ago with the intent of lounging at the pool and eating fine Vegas cuisine. The weather was unbelievably uncooperative, so the only time we spent poolside was about 45 minutes, during a rather windy and not terribly warm afternoon, at which time I wrapped myself in a towel and immediately passed out (third trimester napping--it's the best!). 

We did enjoy amazing meals and lovely kid-free time, courtesy of my wonderful mother, who flew in from CO to watch Sylvie while we were gone. We saw Michael Jackson: One (the Cirque du Soleil show) and watched the equally enjoyable new Avengers movie. We walked miles each day, which hopefully counteracted all of the aforementioned eating!

I found this dress at Nordstom Rack for under $30. Unfortunately, I can't find it online (it's WAYF brand), but I did link to some similar items, including one from Lulu's for $44! It's not a maternity dress, and it's just the proof in the pudding that you don't need to spend a fortune on maternity clothes when you're pregnant. Anything with a fair amount of stretch works well!

Also, please forgive the fact that I'm wearing the exact same necklace, shoes, and purse from my last post! I didn't think about that when I was packing for Vegas. Anyway it gave me an excuse to link to some more fabulous blue sandals below! 

I hope you all had a nice weekend & thanks for all the love and support!