Check Mate

Disclaimer: I'm pretty much delirious as I'm writing this, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm babbling or not making sense. I recently read a meme that said, "You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce." Thanks for that reminder, thanks a lot. But I suppose it's true that if you have a passion for something you've got to make time to pursue it, even if it means bags under your eyes and more gray hair. Oh wait, maybe it's my kids doing that to me. Hmmmm....let's just take this opportunity to give a shoutout for makeup and photoshop. 

Tonight after I got the kids to bed (Sylvie finally stopped protesting at 9), I pureed some sweet potatoes for Parker and sliced up six mangoes. SIX MANGOES. Who in their right mind goes to Costco and buys wholesale-sized containers of mangoes? This girl, apparently. I love them, but as my friend Ivy recently noted, they are a lot of work for very little return. But I'm kind of obsessed with mango coconut smoothies right now, so at the time of purchase, it made perfect sense. Clearly my lack of sleep is impairing my judgement.  

I finally started on this post after my kitchen endeavors, and here I am at 11pm in my cuckoo bird state droning on about mangoes. So let's get to the important stuff, shall we?

The birthday bouquet featured in this post is from my dear husband, and it's from Farmgirl Flowers, who are amazing. I had a great birthday weekend, filled with Irish Coffees, good food, a bridal shower, an Oscars gala, and best of all, a visit from my parents. This week is pretty much all-around depressing after a weekend like that! 

The dress in this post can be found here, and I've also added some other cuties below.

Can I just tell you that each and every time I see one of you and you tell me you read my blog, it makes my week. You're the best!! Have a great week and THANK YOU for following along with me! 

xoxo, Lisa


I'm in full confession mode, so I'm going to tell you some silly blogger stories regarding this shoot:

1. I wore this outfit on a Thursday to a blogging event. Nahal and I took pictures, but it was getting dark, so only a few turned out. 

2. Therefore, I wore this again on Saturday night for my 5-year-anniversary dinner. Of course we were running late (my fault, as always), so I risked divorce by asking Aaron to take my photo.

3. I could not get the braid right the 2nd time around. I tried it like 8,000 times while I was pumping before leaving the house (sorry if that's TMI). 

4. I got LASIK this week, so I couldn't wear contacts either of these nights. I wore them Thursday night anyway because I'm a rebel like that. And on Saturday night, I basically wandered around blind while Aaron took these photos (because I'm too vain to wear my glasses).

5. I used to teach at a prison and my inmates wanted me to be on a fashion makeover show because they thought my style was so atrocious. I was intentionally dressing in a frumpy manner to deter suitors. HA. 

6. Aaron, I love you and thanks for putting up with me and my photo shoots. And yes, this is a test to see if you actually read my blog. Which I'm pretty sure you do. 

7. This dress is stupidly cheap on Amazon. And it's amazing. Click on the link below to check it out. 

Ok, I'm out! Until next time....