A Stylish Love Af-flare

These jeans! Normally I like to warm you up with some small talk, a little Schur house-of-crazy update, but tonight I just want to talk about these jeans! They are "shaping" jeans from H & M, and I feel like they do wonders (you can tell me if I'm delusional) for creating a long leg and for holding  me in in the right places. Now if they just had a built-in bootie, then I'd really be in business! 

Now onto the small talk: We've been home from Hawaii for a whopping 48 hours, and my mind and my body are still on island time; i.e., not wanting to be in the rat race and wanting to sit around watching the ocean all day. As my husband likes to remind me, once you have kids, vacation is not really, well, vacation; it's more like combining travel and some fun and a lot of work and little sleep. Luckily my parents were with us and helped out a lot with the kids, so it did actually feel like vacation a lot of the time. One of these days I'm going to vacation in a hotel room with a nice cozy bed, serious blackout shades, and no children. It's gonna happen--I'm going to get that elusive full night of sleep. Just you watch. 

Ok kids, it's late and I'm trying to be on good behavior, so I'm out for now. I hope you're all enjoying the first week of spring and enjoying restful nights of sleep. You ingrates. 

All my love (and a little resentment),