Shaken, Not Stirred

Happy January! I hope you are all surving this gloomy weather and the obnoxious colds that come along with it. We have been passing the cold around (sniff, sniff, give...sniff, sniff, give), but I think we're finally coming through on the other side. Here's to hoping we (and you!) are all healthy for the upcoming 3-day weekend.

I titled this post as such not because I'm busy drinking martinis, but because I feel like this vest shakes things up a bit in regards to workwear. When I ordered it online, I wasn't sure how I would style it. If I had gone out on New Year's Eve, I would have actually worn it as a dress with some tights and heels. However, given that I was sporting jammies and a robe on NYE, I had to Plan B. I wasn't sure if this vest was in fact work-appropriate, but no one batted an eye when I wore it, so I guess that's a good sign! I'm sad to say it's now sold out online; it went quickly!

Normally I don't spend my whole posts talking about my outfit, but I do want to point out my two favorite accessories of late: this Winky Designs bag and this Jackie Jones necklace. I've told you guys about Winky before, but I'm telling you again because I love their goods, and they're all so reasonably priced! Jackie Jones is a friend of my mother-in-law's, and she designs these super cool necklaces (which unfortunately aren't sold online). This one is a hit-you-over-the-head statement piece, but we all know that's my favorite kind of jewelry.

I hope you're all doing well, and I'd love to hear your plans for the upcoming holiday weekend!

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you're enjoying some quality family time, stuffing your faces, imbibing too many cocktails, or doing whatever it is that floats your boat during the season! I'm still continuing my Christmas music marathon and am looking forward to a weekend with friends and family, although I'll be greatly missing my kinfolk in Colorado.

Hanukkah is already behind us, and I'm happy to report that I consumed far too many latkes, bought and got far too many presents, and that my dreidel Gingerbread cookies were once again a success. What more could I ask for?

It's been a particularly busy and wonderful holiday season for us, given that we've got double the number of kids we had last year. It's been great to watch Sylvie soak in all the cheer with a much better grasp than in previous years, and it was precious watching Parker tear open his first wrapping paper and then immediately shove it into his mouth. When I'm in the throes of parenting and feel like I don't have a spare minute, ever, I just think of these beautiful moments and of snuggles with the littles, and all is right in the world. 

I'm terribly backlogged on blog posts, but I thought I'd use a few free moments to put this post together. These photos were actually taken the day before Thanksgiving, when Aaron and I booked a sitter and spent the day together. We missed the kids, but it was nice to have uninterrupted conversations and to focus on each other for a while. We trekked around the Mission and Hayes Valley, and as usual, I felt completely overdressed. But I had recently bought this faux fur gem of a vest and couldn't resist taking it out for a spin. 

I'm pretty into burgundy and blush right now; I think it's such a stunning combo. And if I could wear these shoes 24-7 I probably would. They're sexy and comfortable and just overall awesome. AND they are $50 right now. 

I hope that Santa spoils you rotten and that you have a wonderful rest of the year. 


Make Me Blush

Happy September! This year is flying by way too fast. I guess it's true that as you get older, time speeds up. If only life had a "pause" button. I know that's such a cliche thing to say, but it's really true. Parker will be 4 weeks old tomorrow, and I literally don't know where that time has gone. I've been keeping myself so busy between seeing friends and family and trying to keep up with housework, thank you notes, laundry, etc. I think I need to slow it down a little and savor this time I have at home before heading back to work. I have been doing a bit of reading about "spirited" children (strong-willed children), and I found the chapter on extroverts and introverts particularly interesting. All of you who know me know that I'm as far as one can get on the extroverted side of the spectrum, which basically means that I energize by seeing loved ones and by meeting new people. Hence my non-stop social calendar. I get a little crazy and moody when I spend too much time alone. 

On this particular day, I was meeting a friend for lunch (hey, Amanda!), so of course I coerced her into doing a blog shoot for me. She's 8 months pregnant and it was hot out, but she was a trooper. We took advantage of this crazy cute store in the Castro; of course I can't remember the name of it...

My mom had bought this vest for me when she was visiting (thanks, Mom!), and I couldn't wait to juxtapose it with a feminine dress. I've had this dress for too many years to count, but I've linked a handful of cute blush dresses below. I pretty much want all of them! The vest is American Rag from Macy's, but I've linked a few others below. 

I want to say thanks to everyone who's been keeping up with our blog. Not to sound too "acceptance-speechy," but it means a lot to Nahal and me that you all take the time to peruse our site and who give us feedback. Extroverts love feedback! 

If there are ever any topics you'd like to see discussed, or tips and tricks for styling or anything else, we're all ears!