Straight Talk

Yep, let's get real, folks. I want to write a candid post about the struggles of being a full-time working mom who's pregnant and trying to keep up with her blog.

Sometimes I worry that if I talk too much about parenting or pregnancy I'll ostracize or alienate some of our readers. Because, if I'm being truthful, prior to being pregnant and having a kid, I probably would have been about as enthusiastic about reading a pregnancy post as I would have been about reading a medical journal entry about oh, let's say, tonsil removal. But, at the same time, by not talking about my struggles as a full-time working mom trying to find success as a blogger, I'm not being real.

I put all kinds of absurd pressure on myself to excel at work, to be a good wife, to be a nurturing and patient mom, to stay fit, to cook healthy dinners, to make time for my girlfriends, and of course, to produce quality blog content. There is a lot of juggling and prioritizing, and blogging usually gets relegated to the bottom of the list, not because I don't love it, but because I feel that it's more important to spend time with my family when I can. I try to only blog after Sylvie's gone to bed or when she's napping on the weekends. Which, as any parent can attest to, is really, really difficult. Because nap time is usually time to catch up on life, pay bills, do dishes, or HEEEEEY! maybe even to spend some quality time with one's partner.

I try really hard to keep things in perspective, and I'll readily admit that I'm not always successful. But when I feel despondent about not having enough time in life, I try to remember that I'm lucky to have time to blog at all, and I'm really lucky to have a great, supportive blog partner.

On a lighter note, thanks to all of our readers for all of your support over the last few months!

Oh, and one last thing: these amazing booties are on sale. You're welcome.